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Kinism: What is it? What should I think & do about it?

Recently, Kinism has once again become an issue of theological discussion, division and contention. This issue has broken Christian friendships and caused tears. The best thing that we can do for Kinists is pray for them, and edify the body of Christ despite what Kinists believe. Below is a brief definition of Kinism, a quick refutation of Kinism, then lastly a practical Christian response to Kinism.

(1) A Brief Definition of Kinism:

Kinism is the belief that the God-ordained social order for man is tribal and ethnic rather than universal. Mankind was designed by its God to live and to thrive in extended family groups, in that people of the same ethnicity are to clan together, to the exclusion of those of other ethnicities. This is dangerously unbiblical.
(2) A Quick Refutation of Kinism:
(a) The verses/concepts commonly appealed to by Kinists:

(1) Genesis 1:25: "according to kind" is not talking about Japanese and English - an example of a violation of that would be man and animal, or dog and reptile. Leviticus 18:23, 1 Corinthians 15:39.

(2) Genesis 9:20-27: The descendants of Canaan were infamous for their idolatry and sexual perversion. Nothing to do with race. Skipping over the fact that NOAH said "‘Cursed be Canaan" right at that time!

(3) Genesis 11:1-9: Their sin involved a failure to spread through the earth, Genesis 11:4b (stemming from pride).

(4) Israel as separated from other nations: The point was faith - there was capital punishment for apostasy and non-Israelites (by natural birth) joined the nation of Israel. Those who were not nationalistically Jews could by faith join the people of Israel, and would then receive the sign of circumcision that identified them with God's covenant people.

(5) Verses that talk about boarders: Yes, there are boarders and nations. There is a difference between nations being defined by citizenship regardless of culture, and nations being limited to races within that culture. Remember how Paul appeals to his Roman citizenship (Acts 22:25, c.f Romans 9:3)
(b) Seven reasons why Kinism is dangerously unbiblical:

(1) All men descend from Adam (Acts 17:26), then Noah (Genesis 6-10). So, there is really only one race (Genesis 1:26-27). Nelson Mandela and I both trace back to Noah, and before that Adam.

(2) Joseph (Semitic) married Asenath (Egyptian). Genesis 41:50.

(3) Moses married a Cushite woman (area now Ethiopia-Sudan). God punished Aaron and Miriam for criticising their inter-racial marriage. Numbers 12:1.

(4) What about those who joined the nation of OT Israel? Were their children just not to marry? What about Rahab - a Canaanite? Joshua 2:9-13, 6:17, 25, Matthew 1:5.

(5) How will they hear without a preacher? (Romans 10). The expansion of the people of God, is through the means of bringing the gospel to the nations (Matthew 28). This involves mixing with people of other cultures. Knism completely undermines the spread of the gospel.

(6) Kinism, replaces union with Christ with genetics (Galatians 3:28). Kinism is a practical denial of the Work of Christ, where he tore down the dividing wall between nations, so made people of all nations in covenant with God fellow citizens. Ephesians 2:11-22.

(7) Paul refereed to Himself as teacher of the Gentiles (Acts 26:4, 1 Timothy 2:7), which could not be the case if Paul was a Kinist.

(3) A practical Christian response to Kinism:

A Christian may marry one single Christian of the opposite gender who is not of certain relations or wrongly divorced, all according to the laws of the land. If a man from Canada married a woman from Ethiopia, and lived next to a man from Russia married to a woman from Brazil on one side, and a man from China married to a woman from Germany on the other side, brilliant. If there is a huge cultural divide between a man from Pakistan and a woman from New Zealand, it may be unwise to marry, but it would not be sinful. In a few years, they might be perfectly compatible to in wisdom marry and raise a family together.

I don't take this issue lightly. Within Christianity, I divide over damnable heresy, and beliefs that undermine Christian unity or common society. Sadly, Kinists do both: they would say that it was sinful for a British Christian man to marry a Korean Christian woman, and they would tell me to geographically separate from my Sudanese friends in order to stick to ones own race. If Kinist beliefs were popular, they would tear apart churches, communities, families and missions. It is to preserve Christian unity, care for the body of Christ and take our earthly duties seriously that we divide over Kinism.

I do believe that some Kinists are saved. And, I am thankful that they believe that all people are created in God's image, and can only find salvation in Christ. I really pray and wish each Kinist would abandon Kinism so that they can put such crucial orthodox beliefs into practise, and long for the day when all of God's elect from all nations (all those who trust in Christ alone) will be glorified as the eschatological church in Christ, in everlasting fellowship with Jesus Christ, who was born in Bethlehem.

(C) Jonathan Williams, November - December 2012.

Permission to use any ideas above, but please acknowledge the original author if you choose to directly quote this article.


  1. This is ridiculously unfair and will only be taken seriously by those uninterested in the Kinist question at all and who are already helplessly mired in the stink of modernism.

    Why not try having a discussion with an actual Kinist?

  2. "Kinism is the belief that the God-ordained social order for man is tribal and ethnic rather than universal. Mankind was designed by its God to live and to thrive in extended family groups, in that people of the same ethnicity are to clan together, to the exclusion of those of other ethnicities. This is dangerously unbiblical." Incredible! I don't know what you mean by the word "kinist," J. Williams, but all of the history of Christianity accepted, understood, and taught this until the atheistic, antiChrist Marxists started pushing for the obliteration of the God-ordained boundaries around class, race, and gender, which they put forth in their own writings. It is amazing that the modern Church needed modern God-haters to teach them the Church had it wrong all these years!

    1. "all of the history of Christianity accepted, understood, and taught this..."

      No it didn't. Ancient Rome was an extremely multiracial city; there were Jews, Ethiopians, Northern Europeans, Greeks, even Chinese living there, and yet there was only ONE Roman church, which was essentially "colorblind" in modern terms. Genetic analysis (which shows that we all are essentially mixed whether we want to admit it or not) proves this fact. "Kinism" or "phyletism" was never practiced in the history of Christianity until very recently, no matter what revisionists such as yourself may claim.

  3. Boarders and nations? Is this like those pesky surf nazis always claiming the local beach?

  4. I like how you laid down your own definition of Kinism without actually providing a link to any supporting articles, let alone citing any Kinist on what they believe.

  5. Point by point:

    1. "All men descend from Adam, so there is only one race"

    What does this have to do with Kinism? Kinists affirm this as well. The word "race" can refer to all humanity, ie. "the race of man". But it's not often used that way colloquially.

    "Christians" like yourself are being very dishonest when they don't realize that the word "race" is more commonly used to refer to various people-groups that society recognizes. For instance, "black" "white" and "asian" are three such people groups that are commonly called "races" and commonly recognized in society. No amount of your lying and dishonesty will remove these people-groups from the social order.

    2. You're being very dishonest here (common among so-called "Christians" who care more for Martin Luther King Jr than Christ). If you think "race" means "all humanity" ...then how can you claim Joseph was a race-mixer? You cannot. You're being grossly inconsistent.

    As a matter of fact, I don't think Joseph was a race-mixer, but even if he was, it wouldn't prove that race-mixing is a moral good or the normative rule for Christians.

    3. You're very much a liar and dishonest in your exegesis on this point.

    Scriptures say that Miriam spoke against Moses because of his wife. It does not say WHY Miriam and Aaron opposed Moses, or what their motives were. We just know it had something to do with his wife. To say it was "racial" in nature, is to be blatantly dishonest and speak beyond Scripture.

    Furthermore: We do not know for sure that Moses married outside of his race. The word "Cushite" as well as the entire narrative context, are ambiguous.

    You're certainly not justified in claiming that race-mixing is a moral norm for today, based on this passage. Stop being dishonest.

    4. OT Israel was certainly NOT a multicultural cosmopolis like you and your buddies love so much. Even though there were Non-Hebrew members of the Israelite nation, there was an aristocratic system of class distinction, based on race and land-ownership.

    5. You're being very dishonest again here. Missionary work does NOT mean that we integrate and miscegenate with other peoples and cultures. Scripture teaches that we are to go into the world, but not be a part of it. It sounds like you've gotten your theology of missions from Oprah Winfrey instead of Scripture.

    6. You're a liar. Kinism does not teach a "saved by race" doctrine. You have not seen that anywhere or heard that from any Kinist. You're lying. Repent.

    Further - inclusion in the covenant of Grace does NOT abolish physical distinctions among men. For instance: just because Christ "tore down the dividing wall" does not mean that there is no longer any such thing as man and woman. These physical distinctions remain. In the same way, racial distinctions and loyalties, remain.

    7. The Apostle Paul was a "Kinist". Read what he taught Timothy in 1 Timothy chapter 5.

    Give up your zealotry for a non-Christian (and frankly: disgusting) political order, and accept Christ and His beautiful diversity.

  6. "(5) How will they hear without a preacher? (Romans 10). The expansion of the people of God, is through the means of bringing the gospel to the nations (Matthew 28). This involves mixing with people of other cultures. Knism completely undermines the spread of the gospel" - Why is it that the Reformed Missions of old NEVER mixed with the natives that they were ministering the Gospel to? I guess they were rayciss? Missionaries are to minister the gospel, not have their children marry off to the foreigners.

    1. Actually, Reformed (and non-Reformed) missionaries DID mix with the natives to an appreciable extent. Where did you think the Colored South Africans came from?

  7. "Alienists deny what is instinctual as well as quenching that God given instinct when denying what has been so thoroughly presented as Kinisms case."

    Joseph Sobran defined Alienism as “a prejudice in favor of the alien, the marginal, the dispossessed, the eccentric, reaching an extreme in the attempt to ‘build a new society’ by destroying the basic institutions of the native. The most terrible fulfillment of this principle is Communism.” In Christianity, our responsibility to others is governed by relationship, such that we have a greater responsibility to our own family, race, town, state, region, and country, than we do to “the other”. Christians should favor the native and the normal over the alien and the novel. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that a great many of my fellow Christians today have given themselves over to strange affections of one variety or another.

  8. I would adhere to these principles:

    "If we could summarize the totality of what has been written here, it would be hard to do better than these Ten Points of Kinism, written by a friend of ours:

    1. It’s Protestant, Calvinist, and Theonomist; [Many Kinists hail from other persuasions, but this is truly how the movement was born and where it finds its consistency.]

    2. All people are created by the hands of Almighty God, and therefore have a portion of common rights, implicit and summarized in the Mosaic Decalogue;

    3. All people inherit from their parents and their ancestors certain attributes of body and mind, and therefore each person is part of a racial group distinguished by its uniqueness and idiosyncrasy (Deut 5:9, Deut 7:9, 1 Samuel 12:9-12, 1 Kings 21:1-22, Matthew 23:29-35, Matthew 27:22-25);

    4. All races have been deliberately created by the Triune God for a good and eternal purpose, and therefore they have the right to endogenous and physical preservation without amalgamation (Genesis 6:9, Genesis 24:2-4, Genesis 26:34-35, Numbers 36:8-12, Ezra 10:10-11, Acts 17:26-27, Rom 1:16, Rom 2:9-10);

    5. Each person must honor his parents and therefore his ancestors (Exodus 13:19, 1 Samuel 15:2-11);

    6. The duty given by the Lord to each person to honor his ancestors implies the right of each Christian to manifest pride and gratitude to God for the race and tribe to which he belongs (2 Cor 10:17, 1 Thess 5:18);

    7. The Lord generously gave to every racial group a place to live on earth, and therefore each race has the right to preserve it for its posterity exclusively (Proverbs 22:28, Numbers 36:7, 1 Kings 21:2-3);

    8. The right to preserve the properties of members of a racial group for their children reflects the divine right of each race to self-determination;

    9. Self-determination is not only the right of each race to follow its own history and accept the consequences of it, but also the right granted by the Lord to each of its members that the civil and ecclesiastical government that rules them will be composed exclusively by their racial peers (Exodus 18:21-22, Deut 1:13, Deut 17:15);

    10. Feelings of fraternity, of benevolence, of kindness, of respect, and charity supersede ethnic boundaries. But the normative love of neighbor, the brotherhood of blood, the mystic chords of memory, and the priority of care are restricted to the members of our race, beginning in our homes (Luke 10:25-37, Rom 9:1-3, Rom 15:26-27, 1 Cor 16:1-3, 1 Peter 2:17, 2 Peter 1:7, 1 Timothy 5:8)."~ SWB

    1. If you really believe that, and you're not Native American, then you should LEAVE the USA and go back to wherever your ancestors were from. If, as you say, "The Lord generously gave to every racial group a place to live on earth, and therefore each race has the right to preserve it for its posterity exclusively" is true, then it stands to reason that the New World should belong to American Indians alone and everyone else should leave.


  9. We have freedom in Christ. There are good decisions and their are poor decisions. I always assume you enter into any relationship with the utmost humility.

    I'm not averse to the label "Kinist."

    - Labels are simply there to save time in describing ones position of doctrine. Often I use them with disclaimers, such as, “I am Presbyterian, but . . .”

    Galatians 3:28 speaks of no Jew or Greek in regard to God’s elective grace, but just as male and female continue in the Church, so do Jew and Greek.

    A general kinist does not endorse “shunning people” or take any personal pride in his position. He simply acknowledges that God has created and distinctly blesses every tongue, tribe and nation for His glory and that we do well to honor His created order. History is clear that certain tribes and nations have been blessed in different ways and at various times. We blind our eyes to this for political expediency, but one bears false witness to not see God’s distinctive handiwork among race.

    I enjoy God honoring fellowship with my Asian ( and my Black sisters -- with whom I share an office ) brother while respecting his heritage and people and he does the same with me. We love one another and our Creator God and would never wish to destroy one another’s family line and race by allowing our children to intermarry. But we can all be best friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I absolutely believe that it is good and right to honor God and his beautiful created order. I love all men from every tongue, tribe and nation and would never be so hateful as to desire destruction to anyone’s heritage. Family is the bedrock of Biblical society and I desire to diligently defend it.
    Does all this seem reasonable ?

  10. Wow. The ONLY positive Christian thing I've read here was this article. And to think that one of the comments read something like "missionaries preached the gospel but wouldnt want their daughters married to foreiners"...really Christlike. smh.. When people want something(racism,sexism,etc) they tend to bend the bible to THEIR will. As for "boundries" man has and will always explore his surroundings. God knows this. Native Americans were not always natives. Mexico,Central and South America would not be speaking Spanish if the conquistadors hadn't sailed. Africans didn't plan a vacation to this hemisphere. But you have the right idea. Prayer. Its just so sad that these folks think this is Gods will. Of course there are differences. But the overall bond is our belief in the Father. OUR FATHER. There is no white,black,asian,latino,etc Heaven. God bless u for the TRUTH!

    Chris Harper

  11. All Kinists should put their money where their mouth is and go back to Europe. It's the only way to live consistently with their beliefs.

  12. Having been to kinist Facebook pages and actually tried to speak with them, i find that the level of prejudice among them toward others is shocking.
    They will go as far as to call me the N word and they claim to be Christian people.SMH. The kinists should be ashamed of such behavior and yet they are not.
    They even have said to parents of black children that adopted by white parents that they were wrong to do it and railed against them.
    These people need to repent and beg God's forgiveness for their treatment of people for whom Christ died.
    All of the racist comments by them should be removed by Facebook as.there is no room for racial prejudice in the body of Christ.

    1. In other words, I need to repent of not giving in to Cultural Marxism. No, thank you. I will stand on the word of God, and the Christian faith of our fathers rather than learn Biblical exegesis from the world and from Marxism.

    2. By the way, I think you are lying when you claim that a Kinist called you a nigger. But even if someone did, that does not prove anything. It is not a sin to use the word nigger, except for being a sin against Marxist religious dogma.